“Eating is an agricultural act,'

The health of our bodies and the health of the planet go hand in hand.  At Pure Foods Kitchen, we strive to be an example of sustainable practices and hope to inspire others to do the same...


Our Mission

To provide delicious, wholesome, organic food that nourishes the mind and body with a focus on local farms  to reduce waste,  support the community, and nurture the planet.


Who we are and what we do

Pure Foods Kitchen is a team of passionate folks dedicated to providing high quality nutrition to our future generations by hand crafting homestyle meals with the best ingredients available.  We know that the most nutrient dense ingredients come from close to home and that nourishing our bodies is only one piece of the larger puzzle. 

Sourcing locally grown produce and meat means:

  • less fossil fuels and more flavor
  • composting and recycling as much as possible
  • more resources stay in our community
  • farmers have a relationship with their animals and their soil. 


It means eating healthy and more sustainably just got easier.

All our produce is organic.  All our meats, eggs and dairy products are either organic, grass fed and/or antibiotic/hormone free.  Our non-dairy cheese for hot lunch is GMO free.  All other products are organic, with exception to some of the GF flours or breads used that are a mix of GMO free and organic ingredients. Additionally, our water is filtered onsite for arsenic, and for virtually all other contaminants that are commonly found in unfiltered water through the process of reverse osmosis.

The community surrounding food is just as important as the quality of the components. With that in mind, we design our menu with mindfulness toward food sensitivities so families can order with confidence.  Our chefs specialize in substituting allergen friendly foods in familiar ways so everyone can enjoy our wholesome meals together. We look forward to serving you.


The 'How'

We make as much as possible from scratch. This includes soaking dry beans, preserving and freezing seasonal components, and making our own batters and condiments. There are many ways we modify our recipes to make them more nutrient dense without sacrificing familiarity or flavor.

The following are a few of our secrets:

1. Pancake batter (always made from scratch) is supplemented with pureed flax seeds and roasted squash or sweet potatoes; which balance mood and hormone regulation.  We use pure Michigan maple syrup which is cut with coconut nectar to reduce sugar crash.

2. Our soups like are made with a variety of different vegetables that are expertly cut small to avoid detection by even the pickiest vegetable critic.

3. Using high quality oils, our foods are higher in essential fatty acids which support healthy brain and immune function.

Feel free to email us about how to modify your favorite recipes!


There's more

In addition to our hot lunch program, Pure Foods Kitchen offers a wide selection of items available for Grab and Go. These include everything from smoothies, soups and salads (perfect for work) to family sized dinners and allergen friendly desserts; all made from the best stuff we can get our hands on.  Our whole fruit smoothies are a great way to start your day or support your post workout recovery. Be sure to sign up for daily emails at the bottom of the page to receive our notifications.





"how and what we eat

determines to a great extent the use we make of the world - and what is to become of it.”

-Michael Pollan,
The Omnivore's Dilemma